Soundtest for Ruth’s Bonded That's the link for my facebook post with the soundtest I did for Ruth's Bonded. The thinking was I would save money if I could narrate it myself. The end result was that I would pay any price not to do it myself. I think you will all agree. Still, check it out and … Continue reading Soundtest for Ruth’s Bonded


Redbubble Shop & New Interview

Just a small note because it's 11pm here, but I've put together a Redbubble shop here for merchandise! All my book covers are available to be printed onto things, as are the chibi characters I commission for Ro, Kez, Khy, and Zir. More designs featuring the chibis will be coming, but I have to make … Continue reading Redbubble Shop & New Interview

The Guy Next Door is Live!   The Guy Next Door is finally out! It was pre-ordered 125 times so thanks guys! 😘 I hope you enjoy it! There's a glossary of Balin terms at the beginning that's easy to miss because Kindle automatically takes you to Chapter One, so I'm sharing it here too: Glossary of Balin Terms Baanda … Continue reading The Guy Next Door is Live!