Gron’s Fated

I'VE FINISHED BOOK TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be up for sale within a fortnight. I still have to edit, format, and read over it, but I'll go as quickly as I can. I want this book out too. It ended up being 58,668 words long, which is only about 10,000 more than Ruth's Bonded.  I got … Continue reading Gron’s Fated


1000 Copies Sold! + The Story of Ruth and Gron

Last night, Ruth's Bonded sold its 1000th copy. At the time of writing, it has sold 1009 copies, and it was published a little under four months ago. For me, that's incredible, and this whole thing has been a dream. I'm actually earning money from it now, and enough to allow me to become independent, which I've … Continue reading 1000 Copies Sold! + The Story of Ruth and Gron