Book 3 Update: “UnBonded”

Hello all!

I meant to write this weeks ago, but I found that when I first started writing book 3, I didn’t want to announce it until I had more of it done. I have about 20,000 words done now, so it feels like time.

First, the general facts: Book 3 will be titled UnBonded. This is because it will be a menage romance, with Kranu and Troii falling for the same human woman, Moira, who they happen across in their exile. For this reason, my previous naming convention of “(Character’s Name)’s X” didn’t work. Sure, I could have used “Moira’s X” since the heroine is the constant between the two men (using one of their names wouldn’t have worked since they are supposed to be equal) but I couldn’t think of a good “X” that didn’t sound like porn, to be honest.

Anyway, UnBonded is better than anything else I could come up with, trust me. The reasoning behind it is that both Kranu and Troii are suffering from their bachelorhood. Being unBonded is the main thing wrong with their lives when the book opens. They are searching for a Queen, Kranu because he desperately wants to be Bonded, and Troii because he has been kicked out of his previous tribe and thinks he needs a new one to survive, certainly to be happy. It also reflects the title of Book 1: Ruth’s Bonded.

So it’s a m/f/m menage romance. This means two men, one woman. The men are not romantically involved with each other in this case, though it has been suggested to me that they would be. When I was writing Gron’s Fated, I had my moments when I thought they would make a good couple too, but that is not them and it is not this book.

A lot of people said they wouldn’t read it if it was a menage romance, and I know some people will be disappointed that Ruth and Gron are not the main characters. To the latter I say, Ruth and Gron will feature a lot. When Kranu and Troii find Moira, they know they have to bring her to Ruth, as putting the two humans together makes sense when the Gandry and the humans can’t communicate. Yes, the language barrier will still be in place.

To the former, I say give me a chance. That is all I can say. Read the sample and maybe you’ll get hooked. Read it for Ruth and Gron. I am currently toying with the idea of making it cheaper than the previous two, as there seems to be less demand, and I’m hoping to tempt anyone sitting on the fence. I’ll see what kind of interest I get before the book is published.

I know there was a touch of “series fatigue” creeping into some people at the end of the last book. They wanted the language barrier to be resolved. They wanted Ruth to develop more survival skills. In this one, I hope new characters will refresh interest. I am trying not to repeat Ruth’s experience too much. The language barrier will operate differently because, in Ruth’s Bonded, Ruth and Gron only had each other to talk to. In Book 3, this will not be the case. Moira will (eventually) have Ruth to talk to, and crucially, to clue her in to the situation. Kranu and Troii have each other to discuss things with from the beginning, and the rest of Gron’s tribe later. Kranu, Troii and Moira don’t form the same trauma bond that Ruth and Gron did.

UnBonded is shaping up to be my longest book yet. I was shooting for a total of 70,000 words, as Ruth’s Bonded was 50,000 and Gron’s Fated was 60,000. I want to continue the upward trend and I thought I would be able to because there is one extra point of view to include to bulk up the word count. So far, the chapter pattern of POVs goes Kranu – Moira – Troii – Moira – Kranu etc, so Moira will ultimately end up with half the chapters, and the males will get a quarter each.

However, this has had the unforeseen effect of making the action quite slow. I’m making sure that every chapter advances the story and isn’t just recapping, but it takes a while for Moira to settle in with the males as she keeps running away from them at first. I think as long as her romance with them isn’t too sudden, it won’t be a problem. It can just be a slow-burner, with lots of character set up. Anyway, that’s one problem I’ve come across so far, but I am aware of it. I am writing quite quickly at the moment, though I don’t know how long that will continue.

I know people’s main concern is usually the release date. In this case, I would say April or May. I don’t have a very good record of meeting deadlines though.

The cover is also going to give me grief, I can tell. I have to make it clear that it is a multi-partner pairing, which probably involves some photo editing, in which I have no skills whatsoever. So I predict that will be a hurdle for me to overcome.

I hope you all enjoy it though and are excited nonetheless. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them if they don’t give too much of the plot away. What would you like to see me post about next?