I Have a Twitter Account!

I have finally taken the plunge and got a Twitter account after holding out for so long. I know it will be useful to network with other authors, and all my friends have one… So follow me @VC_Lancaster for updates!


New Book!

Yesterday, I wrote the first page of my next novel!

It’s not Ruth & Gron, instead it’s a new series, but don’t worry, I plan to do another Gandry novel after this one.

The new series is set in the year 2266, and focuses on alien men integrating¬†in mostly-human offices after being hired there. I will call the series “Office Aliens” because I’m original like that. The first one features a grouchy, unsociable lizard-man, and the woman forced to work with him.

I’ll post more details when I’m closer to finishing it. It should take me three or four months to write.

Hope you guys are excited for something new!