The E.T. Guy

It’s been so long since I last posted, I’ve forgotten what I’ve said and what I haven’t.

Above is the title of my upcoming book. The E.T. Guy. My first punny title. I have about 40,000 words already, and I estimate it will be between 50-60,000 words long, so I’m hoping to get it out around the end of November. Exciting!

As perhaps you can guess, the hero is an alien I.T. guy. His name is Zir, and he is a lizard-type alien. He is a refugee from a planet called Teiss, which has been overrun by an insectoid species called the Ypex, and the humanoid species of Rhacahr who dedicate themselves to fighting the Ypex. Teiss is therefore an uninhabitable warzone, so Earth is accepting Teissian refugees, of which Zir is one. There are a lot of different races and species in this series, but Zir is a Volin, a lizard-type that live in trees.

The heroine is Lois Kennedy. She is an Intake Officer at the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration (DETI), where Zir works in the I.T. department. She is in her mid thirties and looking for someone to settle down with, but unfortunately she’s not having much luck with human men. She and Zir have an antagonistic relationship at first, because she believes his cold, distant manner means that he hates her and looks down on her. So she hates him right back. Unfortunately, the alien technology she has to use for her work doesn’t play well with her human computer, and Zir is the DETI expert on that interface, so they see a lot of each other!

I like this book. The characters can talk to each other. I’m excited to get back on the horse after what I know has been a long break. I’m interested to hear what you all think. I’ve started a discussion on my Amazon author page here: