Next Book: Ruth & Gron 4

It’s been about six weeks since the release of The E.T. Guy so time to move on to something new! I didn’t mean to take a break, I wanted to gather some momentum, but unfortunately there was a health scare in my family that meant I had to go home for three weeks over Christmas and New Year and then it was my birthday and I had to go back to work and it all got away from me a bit. But! Back on the horse!

My next book will be the continuation of the Gandry series. I’m going to play this one close to my chest as I’m hoping for a bit of a dramatic reveal when I publish it, so you won’t be getting a cover, a title, or a first chapter out of me. What I can tell you is that Ruth and Gron will be the main characters, that Moira and her men will be present as tribe mates in the background, and that this book will probably be my shortest. I’m estimating about 40k words. On the brightside, this means it should be done sooner, right?Maybe the end of March?

I’m also hoping to sell it for less, to reflect the length of the book. However, this may not be my decision, as Amazon changed its policy last year. It used to be that I could set the price to whatever I wanted, and choose whether to collect 70% or 30% of the royalties. Now, if I want 70% of the royalties, the lowest price I can set is 2.99 (not sure of the currency). If I set it for less than that, I will only collect 30%. I don’t think anyone will blame me for not taking that option.

I hope you guys are excited! I think you’ll like this one.