Mea Culpa

(That means “My Bad” in Latin)

I said I’d have the next Ruth & Gron book out by the end of March…. I’m not going to. This is mostly because I foolishly set myself another writing project related to some friends’ birthdays which I had to complete by last weekend. I also just can’t keep to deadlines, it seems. So… my bad.

I’m finding this book harder to write. It’s the subject matter. I’m not very excited about it, but I think it’s something you guys are going to LOVE. I want to keep it a surprise until it’s published though. So who knows? Maybe end of April, maybe not. I had wanted to release a book every three months and I’m already behind. Terrible. It’ll have to be one every four instead.

As restitution for getting behind schedule, here’s my peace offering. Amazon have developed a function whereby you can buy kindle books as printed hard copies! I haven’t put any of mine up yet, but I think I will once this book is released. I’ll want to go through them all and fix all the typos though, eek. I’ll definitely let you guys know before I do that.

And what about a bundle? Do you think that’s a good idea? If I released the three (of four) Ruth & Gron books as one, for a lower price than it would cost to buy them separately? Or is that just annoying for the people who already own them? This upcoming book isn’t going to be the last in the series either so it wouldn’t be a complete collection…

I’m just tossing some ideas around. Let me know what you think. And sorry again for not having the book ready for when I said I would.