V.C. Lancaster

Book 4: Ruth’s Baby!!!


It’s submitted and in review, so Book 4: Ruth’s Baby should be available for purchase in a few hours time!!!!

I think most of you guessed what it was going to be about 😛 Makes sense right? A bit obvious maybe? Here’s the cover for it:

Surprisingly hard to find a picture of a CUTE baby in a basket (that wasn’t Jesus or Moses).

This book is 40,000 words long, so the shortest so far, and I have reduced the price as much as I can. Amazon has a price minimum in the UK of £1.99 (I’m selling it for £2) and $2.99 in the US, which I sell at anyway so…. Bummer. I am running a promotion on Ruth’s Bonded to help out. It’s selling at 99p (99c? I think?) from April 12th to 19th.

This book was also hard for me to write. I didn’t find pregnancy a compelling plot, there was always that nagging voice that she should be out kicking ass or something, and I hadn’t written those two in a long time. But I hope I did well. I wanted to show what women who go through what Ruth goes through might feel. And of course, we all wanted to see Gron with a baby!

I hope this book also levels people out about Moira, as she plays a big part, being Ruth’s best friend. I hope people come out of this book feeling warmer towards her.

And just so you know, there is some sequel teasing in the last chapter 😉

I am very tired right now.