The Summer of Alien Romance

First off, let me thank everyone who has bought, shared, read, reviewed, enjoyed (etc.) The Security Guy. The buzz around it has been great, and literally hundreds of people have been introduced to the series after news that The New Guy is free until the 31st was shared around. So thank you again. But mine … Continue reading The Summer of Alien Romance


The Security Guy is live!

Office Aliens Book 3, The Security Guy, Anna and Khy's story, is live! Here it is on Amazon. This is the first book I'm publishing as a full-time writer! I've been writing it for months! At least six months if not longer. It's my longest book yet at 111,153 words, which is almost 400 pages … Continue reading The Security Guy is live!

Cover Woes

Guys, I've chucked my designer. He was just taking too long and making excuses, missing deadlines... So that didn't work. This is a phenomemon I like to call "I ask for help, and end up doing it myself". Happens all the time. And I'm not going to look for a new designer any time soon. … Continue reading Cover Woes