The Summer of Alien Romance

First off, let me thank everyone who has bought, shared, read, reviewed, enjoyed (etc.) The Security Guy. The buzz around it has been great, and literally hundreds of people have been introduced to the series after news that The New Guy is free until the 31st was shared around. So thank you again.

But mine is not the only book out! For some reason only the stars understand, it feels like everyone is releasing a new, long-awaited book at the same time! So I thought I would list them all in one place. These are all the ones I’m aware of anyway, and listing them here does not count as a recommendation because I actually haven’t read most of them, eek. This is also where I reveal how badly read I am. Please don’t judge me too harshly for my ill-informed opinions.

In chronological order:

20th May: Susan Trombley’s The Kraken’s Mate

The sequel to The Scorpion’s Mate…
A desperate escape from a prison cell inside an alien research facility leaves Joanie in the clutches of an alien with a handsome face, a great body, and tentacles that could have come out of a horror movie. Her life back on Earth is a mess, but nowhere near as complicated as her new situation becomes when the alien test subject named Nemon decides that she’s his mate.

Nemon knows that Joanie is the mate he’s hoping for as soon as Thrax hands her to him, but he can also see that she’s frightened and traumatized. He must win a battle against his own body—which has a mind of its own—to maintain control, so he can win her trust and avoid frightening her further. His newfound friends warn him that Joanie will need time to accept him, and Nemon is willing to wait, but they all may have underestimated Joanie.

They have escaped their fate as Iriduan test subjects, but Nemon and Joanie can’t escape the legacy left behind by their captors. A legacy that brings them together—a legacy that also threatens to tear them apart.

I read some of The Scorpion’s Mate, and the attached Into the Deadfall. These books are Susan’s most succesful, or that was the impression I got. So why didn’t I finish them? In all honesty, I don’t quite remember. I remember The Scorpion’s Mate had a long section at the beginning when I was really just waiting for the alien to appear, lol. I think I preferred Into The Deadfall. I could picture the hero in that one better, a leonine type, as I recall. In The Scorpion’s Mate I lost track of which arms had hands and which had pincers and where his many limbs were meant to be. Plus he had a purple exoskeleton and I couldn’t quite get around that when it came to sexy time. Maybe I need to turn in my badge, because I think he might have been too alien for me. I should be ashamed.

20th May: Stacy Jones’ Tribe

Despite being dumped on a primitive alien world, Lily is adapting to life there, with the help of Frrar, Tor, and Arruk. But they can’t stay in the safety of the caves forever. The flood waters have receded and it’s time to join the rest of the tribe… 

While traveling, their group meets a familiar face from Arruk’s past – a man half feral and covered in vicious scars. Something about him draws Lily in, despite those who already hold her heart. But that isn’t her biggest concern.

Can Lily keep the Tribe Mother from discovering just how much being with her has changed her new mates? Will the tribe accept her, a stranger in their lands? Or will Lily have to fight the very people who were supposed to offer her safety and a home?

Now this is an interesting one. It’s the sequel to Chosen, which was published in instalments and it looks like this one will be too. It was brought to my attention because people were saying it bore a strong resemblence to my Ruth & Gron series, so I read the first instalment, and it did! I’m not miffed, and I’m prepared to accept that it’s a total coincidence too. I’m not the only person who can conceive of tree-dwelling, tailed, furry aliens who live in a matriarchal society. Tribe seems to be continuing this trend as they go to meet the Alpha female it sounds like. I don’t seek out menage romances, but if an author I like writes one, I have nothing against them. Chances are I’ll read it. But two or three guys is my limit and this book seems to be adding a fourth, though I normally love half-feral, scarred up heroes. I can’t help but wonder how many guys this woman will end up with.

23rd May: Ruby Dixon’s Veronica’s Dragon


It’s a given on the ice planet, forced upon you by the parasitic symbiont called the ‘khui’. With resonance, a guy and a girl are paired up because they’ll make great babies. It’s a survival mechanism necessary for this sparsely-populated world we’re stranded on…and romantic, in a weird, alien way. 

Everyone expects resonance to happen when twenty newcomers are dropped onto the frosty world. I doubt anyone expects the gorgeous, golden god named Ashtar to resonate to someone like me, though. He’s fierce. Flirty. Powerful. Disgustingly handsome.

I’m…not any of those things. I’m bland. Boring. Clumsy.

But resonance seems to think we’d be great together. And Ashtar does, too…

Do I even need to tell you guys about this one? We all know Ruby Dixon. As far as I am concerned, she is the queen of the genre, top of the heap. That said, I don’t like dragons. So this is another one I haven’t read. I keep up to date with her releases, and I want to the Barbarian romance about the middle-aged couple (do I have that right?) or the age-difference couple. I am eagerly awaiting the couple with the alien who is “beastly” and out of control. I think it will be another Icehome book. If any of these have come out, please let me know. I’ve read a couple of her other dragon books, but by now I know they don’t do it for me. I read The King’s Spinster Bride when that came out, so I hope you won’t throw me out of the club entirely.

26th May: Eileen Glass’ Human Omega: Discovered on the Slave Planet

How does a bad day get worse, you ask?




How about being squished between two huge, naked dudes with their meaty schlongs hanging out and everything?

It’s all a matter of opinion, but Carter’s day is going pretty badly. He’s an engineer captured by bug aliens, now depending on his large, muscled, naked cage mates for food and warmth. They seem sentient, so that’s good. But they’re also handsy. Which is… complicated.

The military isn’t looking for him. Slaves taken by the bug race never come back. Yet, Carter is very much alive, and if he wants to stay that way, he’ll need to trust Pykh and Siel, two affectionate aliens with claws, teeth, and size.

Now how’s that for a title, ay? I’ve mentioned Eileen Glass before. She’s a long-time favourite of mine, and I’m going to speak honestly here, pretending she won’t see this which she probably will. So Eileen Glass kinda creeps me out because I feel like we met but we haven’t. She is sooooo similar to me and my friends somehow? Is she secretly my doppelganger and if we meet in real life only one of us will survive? Is she going to kill me and steal my identity? I don’t think so but… Reading her stuff is like that. It’s like, “Did I write this?? Did she steal this from my brain?” This is also the only book on this list that I have read. I read it on the day it came out, downloaded it on the bus, and stayed up til 1:30am to finish it. Eileen Glass is my mirrorverse, reverse-twin and it creeps me out but I keep coming back for more!! She sure keeps you hungry. She writes what she wants and I have a huge respect for that.

But now to talk about the book. Unlike every other book on this list, this is M/M/M, ie, three dudes, one of which is human. The aliens are exellently designed and described, fully fleshed-out characters. You really like them and what them to get out of their bad situation. The human is really funny and you like him too. I think he might be my favourite of Eileen’s heroes on his personality alone. This book has two weaknesses, which are: two words getting smushed together into one quite frequently, and the human only gets a bj. But that’s Eileen Glass for you! I’m there like “Hon hon hee hee” anticipating this big blow out sex scene, and she only gives me a taste, guaranteeing I will be stalking her pages for her next release in my frustration.

26th May: Cocktales Anthology

About the Cocktales Anthology:
‘Cocktales’ is a limited-release anthology (available *only* from May 26 – August 26, 2018) of original, never before published material, some of which is raw and unedited. Each story was specifically written for this anthology.

The goal of the Cocktales Anthology is to raise funds to fight against obstruction of creative expression. Specifically, what we believe are obstruction attempts through the trademarking of common (single) words for titicular use in books / or as a book series (eBooks, print, and audio).

*ALL* net profits will be donated to:
1) Authors already impacted by creative-obstruction (10%), and
2) Romance Writers of America (RWA) (90%) as a general donation intended for their Advocacy Fund.

This is another one where I think we all know what this is about. But if you don’t, an indie author named Faleena Hopkins trademarked the word “cocky” and is demanding other authors change their titles etc. This anthology is in answer to that. The list of contributing artists is absolutely NUTS. So long. I’m pretty sure this book has sold thousands of copies, as it has the whole romance fandom behind it, not just aliens. I don’t actually know if there are any aliens in it. Probably not, but it’s worth including here.

+/-30th May: Tiffany Roberts’ Heart of the Deep

This book is not out yet, nor is it available for pre-order, so I don’t have a firm release date, but on the 21st of May, she (they, I suppose) put on her facebook page that it should be out in a week. So, loosely, the end of this month. There’s no blurb either, but it’s the latest in her Kraken series. Tentacles!

5th June: Laurann Dohner’s Redson

Rescued as a child by her grandpa, the powerful Vampire Malachi, Emma has been on the run for nearly forty years from a Vamp determined to see them both dead. When he enlists the aid of assassins from the Vampire Council, their luck runs out. Forced to separate, Malachi sends Emma to a trusted VampLycan for protection.

Redson knows trouble when he sees it, and sure enough, the gorgeous, mostly human female seeking shelter immediately disrupts his future plans. His father swore a blood oath to her grandfather, and Red is honor bound to protect her. He’s surprised when his instincts demand so much more—protect…claim…mate.

Their attraction is explosive, but Emma refuses to consider mating while her grandfather is in danger. She needs Red’s help…but is he Malachi’s savior? Or his biggest threat yet?

Laurann Dohner is a good writer. Her New Species series hooked me and I’m still obsessed, but there hasn’t been a new one in sooooo long. Anyway, I can’t quite stretch to Vampire-Werewolf-Gargoyles, though I’ve tried. Her heroes aren’t human though so I’m listing it.

9th June: Marie Dry’s Alien Captured

In a bleak future, where government systems are breaking down and poverty and violence reign, on an abandoned farm in Montana, Susannah had a simple plan. She’d capture an alien, sell him to the resistance, and use the money to save her son.

Instead, Susannah had an arrogant alien trapped in a pit who acted as if she was the prisoner. He wanted to kill her dog and insisted she should care for the wound he sustained when he fell into the pit she dug to trap him. On top of that, she had no way to know if the resistance got her message. Every day that passed, she doubted her decision to hand Azagor over to the resistance.

But her son, her baby, was being held by people who considered him unclean because he was conceived out of wedlock—and time was running out.

I love this series, but I do find the men overbearing sometimes. I think Marie Dry is getting better at making them more sympathetic. I like my alpha control-freak know-it-alls to be brought low by love, I want to see real panic and fear, a bit of grovelling if the situation calls for it. Anyway, I’ll definitely be getting this when it comes out, but I don’t really like pre-ordering books.

That’s it from me. Have I missed any out? Probably. Let me know! If you’ve read any of the above, feel free to give me your reviews! And if I’ve said anything you agree or disagree with, feel free to say so! And if I’ve mentioned your work here… Eep!



7 thoughts on “The Summer of Alien Romance

  1. Thank you for the great list of recommendations. I will definitely be checking some of these out, especially the M/M/M one.
    I’ve really enjoyed watching on your blog as your career as a writer has grown. I wish you the best of luck!

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