Krol’s Goddess is Live!

I uploaded it last night and it went live overnight, it’s available here!

This was an interesting one for me. I’ve mentioned it here and there before, but I originally started KG before The Security Guy and had to abandon it. That was back when I was still working, and I just couldn’t make it work. Now I have more energy for writing, I was able to get it together. For reference, I stopped while Krol and Naomi were still in the cave, about a third of the way in.

I expected it to be maybe 60k words? It ended up being 92.5, which might be the longest Gandry novel (if it’s not UnBonded). In my mind, I can see a lot of things wrong with it, but I won’t point them out, since early responses have been very positive. I can’t believe people have already finished it! It’s only just been 12 hours since I uploaded it!

My reasoning behind Krol was, I love big beastly heroes! Scarred up and gruff and loud. But also, I wanted to expand the Gandry society and dig into what happens when a Queen goes bad. They have complete control of the people in their territory and nobody polices them, there’s nothing to make sure they toe the line. Mirr is probably the worst Queen possible. and by extension, she has created a male who is the opposite of the males we have seen in the past. In the beginning of the book, Krol would rather die than be Bonded. He hates Queens. He needs to live by himself, and it’s driving him crazy. At the same time, he has a child. Beastly heores need their fluffy foil to show their soft side, but Ryll keeps Krol sane enough to function, and breaks down the obvious family structure of a tribe even further. Krol does not need a female to have children. It’s turning Gandry society on its head.

With Naomi, I wanted a heroine who didn’t need to rely on the Gandry to survive. There is a lot of that in this series, so I wanted a heroine who wasn’t afraid, who knew she could get by on her own. She is optimistic and light-hearted, or I tried to make her that way. She’s more inventive than the others. But she and Krol have something in common in that while they can survive on their own, the loneliness is crushing. They need connection and the comfort of just having someone else there.

There has been a lot of discussion of diversity and own-voice stories in romance lately. I did wonder if it I, a white woman, should write a black heroine. In the end, I did, because on the Gandry planet, those three women are the only humans and therefore become representative of the entire human race, and I didn’t want that sample of humanity to be all white. That made me too uncomfortable to ignore.

I hope I did an okay job with Ryll. I have no experience with children. And I hope everyone enjoyed the glimpses of the rest of the tribe. There are 13-14 of them now! I didn’t realise how many of them there are, and it was hard to fit everyone in.

What’s next? Well, first of all, I’ve got all my covers back from the designer for Office Aliens, so that series will be getting a revamp, and the next book I write will be Office Aliens 4, The Guy Next Door, about Kez, and his Balor neighbour Bia. I’m really excited for this one, there’s going to be a lot of complicated stuff to do with race and culture, what you inherit, what you are taught, and what you choose for yourself.

I hope you all enjoy Krol’s Goddess! Let me know what you think!



4 thoughts on “Krol’s Goddess is Live!

  1. I loved it. I tried my best not to read it too fast but before i knew it i was at the end and i was so sad. When i got the email from goodreads about a new book from you, i immediately said take my savings. Survival is so fun when you are reading it from the comfort of home. I really love how they communicate, they dont get caught up with “all the words” and have played out misunderstandings. The only thing i didn’t like is how the heroin stood behind the man when danger arrived. I know you need to watch or rewatch home alone series to know that coming head on to a bigger enemy is not the only option. She should have showed the eldest female that she didn’t have to worry once she is gone. Alright so the next book in the line should be about the snot nosed punk Mruin. It would be so ironically funny for him to fall to one of the witches he is so wary of.
    I love this series. I read Ruth’s baby like 2 or 3 times. Getting so sad at the end because i thought it was the end to the series. Thats why i was so happy when i discovered Krols goddess. I hope there will be many more books in these series. Let me tell you i am seriously fangirl squealing right now.

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    1. Wow this is all so kind! And maybe the longest comment I’ve had on here. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review on Amazon, you can just copy and paste this, it’s so good!

      I see your point about Naomi hiding. She saved Krol and Ryll from the Beast though! When it came to Mirr, it had to be Krol who banished his past and stand up for himself and learn to stop being afraid. Naomi could have helped, but if she’d hit Mirr with a stick or something, Ruth already did that to Kranu when he fought with Gron in Gron’s Fated. Gryla worries about the future of the tribe, sure, but that’s what a good Queen does! I try to set Ruth up as the next alpha after her. She has the mentality for it, she’s more protective than Moira I think. I think Moira and Naomi will just let Ruth get on with it so they can sit back and enjoy their families.

      As for more books, right now I only have ideas for a short story collection and that won’t be out for a while, if I write it at all. I might tell Gryla’s story in it too, as well as Mruin’s, but I don’t know if Mruin is going to turn out the way you think… 😉


  2. I tried to savor Krol’s Goddess–I really did try–but I DEVOURED the book and loved it. Krol was such a staid, grumpy sweetheart. Naomi reminded me a little of Ruth in her pragmatism, which is fine because Ruth is one of my favorite characters. And Ryll!! He stole my heart. I wish there were more moments with him. (If you write more Gandry tales, even short stories, I will buy them.)

    Somehow, this 92k-word story went by in a blink. I’m already on my second read-through and it’s still just as sweet and lovely and sexy. I’m glad you didn’t give up on this book after you’d started writing it. Thank you!!

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    1. Aw thank you, this is really nice to read! I’m glad you liked it. I’m glad I didn’t give up on it either. The first half was hard to write, but I got into it myself when they meet the tribe and I could start doing dialogue. The response has been quite small though in terms of sales and reviews, so I’m not sure everyone is excited about it as you are :p It’s probably just been too long since the last book, or maybe this series has run it’s course, I don’t know. I remember when Office Aliens was the less popular series, but they seem to have swapped places now!


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