Office Aliens New Covers

Now that Krol’s Goddess is out, I have updated the Office Aliens covers with the new ones from the designer! It might take a few hours for the changes to go live so I won’t link them, but here they are below!

I like that now the series all obviously belong together. This was the concept I had in mind all along. I hope you like them. Check out the little bit of scales above the collars.


5 thoughts on “Office Aliens New Covers

  1. I have a soft spot for your old covers because you worked so hard on them, but these new covers are also awesome because they have a uniform theme! I think that little teaser view of scales is subtle and clever (and sexy!) so thumbs up to that. The New Guy’s cover is not so different from your old cover though!

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  2. I’m stuck between “Aw man, I liked the old covers” versus “Thematically consistent, nice!” (The little hint of alien skin peeking out over the tops is very nicely done too)

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