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Sweetheart Alphas Book 1: Killer

Wil is an omega with a problem and a plan to solve it. His cousin Dominic killed his parents, and is now coming after Wil, his fortune, and his company to pay off the gambling debts he owes to the mob. Wil’s plan requires an alpha mate, who never go to jail for killing people if it’s in defence of their mates. Alphas are expected to be violent. It won’t be hard to get Dominic to attack him, so his murder will be classed as self-defence, and Wil will have his revenge and his safety.

Knowing he needs to mate a killer, he buys alpha Jack from an illegal fighting ring. Adult alphas are feral until they mate, so Jack doesn’t have the faculties to question Wil’s motives before it’s too late. Once they’ve mated, and Jack’s sanity comes back, Wil explains the plan. Everything Jack could ever want in exchange for one last kill.

Jack says no.