Office Aliens

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It’s 2266, and Lois Kennedy is an Intake Officer for DETI, the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration.

Zir is a refugee from the planet Teiss, working in DETI’s I.T. department.

Lois and Zir just can’t get along. As far as she’s concerned, he’s rude, abrasive, and condescending. She wants nothing to do with him. So why does he never leave her alone? He must be crazy if he thinks there could ever be anything between them… right?

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Maggie works in Enquiries at DETI (The Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration) and they’re a little under-staffed. She’s confused but grateful when a handful of Teissian refugees fresh off the spaceship are allocated to her department. She is put in charge of training Ro, a charming, scaled alien with a sexy voice, cute dimples, and a lot of secrets.

She knows office romances are a bad idea, but she just can’t resist after spending every day sitting opposite him. As the two get closer, however, questions arise that threaten their relationship. Why does his friend seem to hate her so much? What is he hiding about his life on his home planet?

Can Maggie get Ro to open up before it’s too late? Or will his secrets overwhelm them both?

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Anna has been sent to the San Diego branch of the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration from her London PR company to negotiate a contract. Her job is to help improve the public image of the local Teissian refugee community after it has come under attack from a local politician.

On her first day there, she is invited to the office Christmas party. The next morning, she wakes up beside a tall scaled alien named Khy. Anna just wants to forget it ever happened – not that either of them can actually remember what happened – but Khy is insistent. In his culture, he is now honour-bound to stay by her side, at least until she can prove she’s not pregnant. Anna knows it’s impossible, but she can’t get rid of him, and what’s worse is that she’s due at her brother’s for Christmas in a matter of days.

With no other choice, she and Khy have to pretend to be in love for real so he can join her in New Hampshire for the holidays. When their relationship is suddenly exposed in the worst possible way, and Anna becomes a target for anti-Teissian protesters, Khy has to be her bodyguard as well as her boyfriend.

With everything spiralling out of Anna’s normally tight control, Khy is the only one she can rely on. But what does that mean when the inevitable happens, and they’re forced to admit she’s not pregnant? With nothing keeping them together, they have to make a choice. Was any of it real? Or were they just a drunken mistake from the start?

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Kez is a Teissian refugee living in San Diego in the year 2267, working at the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration, and he doesn’t like much. He doesn’t like Earth, he doesn’t like humans, he doesn’t like his job, and he definitely doesn’t like his bubbly next-door neighbour, Bia, who is convinced they are meant to be together. She’s too young for him, their personalities are completely incompatable, and back on Teiss, her people kept his as slaves. No matter what Bia says, it’s obvious to him they couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

Because Kez is keeping secrets. On Earth, he’s been able to redefine himself, and escape the difficult life he was forced to lead on Teiss. He is hiding the fact that he is mixed-race, and that he hasn’t been able to shake a nasty habit of taking other people’s things no matter how hard he tries. And letting Bia into his life would risk exposing all of that.

But despite how she was born, Bia was raised by Kez’s own people. She isn’t like the others, and as he gets to know her, he uncovers a lonely and lost female just trying to find a place to belong, a place he can give her, if he dares. When Bia needs his help, he can’t say no. He just has to make sure that their first time is also their last, because he won’t risk everything on the chance of a mate, and he won’t let her throw her future away on a male like him.